Two Avoidable Surprises

Hypnotherapist's Two Avoidable Surprises that Derail the Most Cautious Income Plans

Avoidable Surprise #1:
Your Real Hourly Rate is Lower than What Clients Pay You

Suppose clients pay $200/hour and a hypnotherapist earns $80,000/year. Assuming a full time work week equals 2,000 hours per year, the real hourly income is $80,000/2,000 = $40/hour. Now you need to subtract office rent and other costs, the real hourly rate may be just $35 or $30/hour.

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Avoidable Surprise #2:
Advertising is Way More Expensive than You Realize (and How to Handle It)

Did you know that Amazon pays up to 15% commission if you send someone from your website to buy a product on Amazon?

Did you know that Google pays between 40% and 60% of what advertisers pay it to website owners to show ads on their websites?

Some hypnotherapists I have talked to believed that a $500/month ad budget should be enough to get them 20 clients/month. And, they can't find any agency good enough to do it. So, they don't advertise and their income remains below $80,000/year or even below $50,000 per year.

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As you'll see below the solution is to offer more value to clients so they can pay you $1500 to as much as many thousands of dollars and then spend a part of that for advertising to get more clients.

This is what Amazon and Google also do.

This is what we help you do without risk or major upfront costs.

Our Mission

We help hypnotherapists get more clients and earn more without working extra hours.