We'll Get You More Clients

If We Don't Generate More than Our Fee, then We'll Refund the Difference Plus $100.

When you work with us, if we don't generate more than our fee, we will refund the difference.

And we will pay you an additional $100.

In Addition to Offering Refund+$100 Guarantee, Our Service is Different in 3 More Ways

We Only Work with Hypnotherapists

We only serve hypnotherapists. Why? Because I am also a certified NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner, I understand the power of hypnosis and I can understand your uniqueness. As a result, we can implement exactly the right solution to get you more clients.

Other agencies serve everybody including barbers, eCommerce companies, authors, and yoga studios, etc. They don't have any unique expertise in hypnosis practices.

Our Deep Knowledge Helps You Win

We focus on getting you clients, so we know how to do that well.

For example, consider reviews and testimonials. Every hypnotist uses them, but we use them to help you dominate the market.

We get you a lot of five-star reviews and video testimonials from your happy clients.

These reviews help you get more clients at lower ad costs and dominate your market. We've not seen other hypnotherapists use this path to "market domination".

Another example, we can get you multiple listsings in Google My Business (while following Google terms of service). We've not seen others use it to get more free leads.

Our Blueprint Gives a Clear Path to Success
(with 3 Growth Stages and 9 Steps)

Our Marketing Blueprint

For first-time clients, we offer money-back guarantee.

We only earn when we help you get more clients and earn more.

So you can earn more without worrying about getting clients and without tech overwhelm.

How Do We Get You Clients

Every hypnotist's website, focus, marketing, and individual situation is unique and different.

We do only those things that would give the biggest bang for the buck, including:

#1. Get Clear on "Who Do You Want as Clients"

We start by asking, "Are you the go-to-expert for some issues/problems/people in the localities you serve?" or "Who do you want to be a hero to?" Then focus everything accordingly.

Finding specific types of clients to serve is a game-changer because just this change alone gets more clients from your existing word-of-mouth or paid marketing.

#2. Position You as an Expert and Authority to Attract Your Ideal Clients

We'll also propose to write a book for you (we'll do everything, all you do is two 60-minute Zoom interviews with us). This is not a traditional book (to be praised by other hypnotists). The single purpose of this book is to establish you as the go-to-person and attract your ideal clients. We'll show you have to use the book to generate referrals.

This unusual tactic is based on my experience as an author of computer books in Silicon Valley. I got better jobs and higher salary. In fact once I charged clients $18,002 in the single month of Dec 1990.

#3. Fix Your Website Messaging and Speed

Most hypnotist websites are not designed for conversion. We re-design it by asking, "If I am your ideal client, why should I choose you as compared to other hypnotists or other treatments?"

Most websites are too slow (they take 5 to 30 seconds to open). If your website is slow, we'll make it faster so your clients can see the first page within 2 seconds.

#4. Facebook Advertising

Once you have clarity on ideal client and a book to attract them, Facebook ads is a great way to attract more clients. Paid advertising done this way gets new clients consistently and on-demand.

#5. Others

When appropriate, depending on your market area, current revenue, and goals, we'll also do some of these:

Get you 5, 10, 20 or more video, audio, written testimonials that are conversion-focused. Better testimonials get better clients. Our testimonials include 2 journeys: prospects journey from state of suffering to deciding to get help from you despite doubt and uncertainty and client's journey to change and life after the desired outcome.

Set up, optimize, and maintain your Google My Business listing SEO. This can be the easiest way to get a lot of clients without ad cost if you focus on serving a narrow problem for clients.

Create a setup for you so you can use dual-hypnosis (a different voice/story in each ear) in your clinical practice.

Help you create hypnotic audio or video programs for sale. I am an expert in binaural beats. I've been selling such programs since 2004. I'll show you how to use dual-hypnosis for maximum effectiveness. We'll set up your website for ecommerce (accept payment and deliver downloads automatically).

Our Mission

We help hypnotherapists get more clients and earn more without working extra hours.

Want to Get More Clients
(We Will Do It for You)

We work with you based on the "Growth Stage" you are at.

We take care of everythig marketing related to get you more new clients.

We can help you in two ways:

  • MONTHLY Done-for-You Service
    We'll get you more clients by doing your strategy, SEO, website, Facebook ads, five-star reviews and video testimonials.
    Audit of your marketing: offers, ads, messaging, and website. You get a clear picture of what it is and also a roadmap of what needs to be done next.
  • One-Time RESULTS Services
    • We'll get you immediate cash surge by reactivating your past clients (if you don't send them messages regularly).
    • We'll get 10 five-star reviews and 10 video testimonials within 30 days (if you have more than 100 happy clients).
    • We build a new landing page for you to send your existing.

First Step to Work Together

Book a Discovery Call plus Mini-Audit

We do it over a 45-minute Zoom call:

  1. You'll have 45 minutes of my undivided attention. I will ask you a couple of questions to understand your goals for the next 3 months and the next 3 years.
  2. Then, I will do a mini-audit of your website and marketing from the perspective of your goals.
  3. Finally, we'll discuss how my agency can help you for the next 3-6 months and longer. I will answer any questions.

We charge $37 to ensure people do join the call. This tiny investment comes with a 100% refund, and it applies to your first order.

So, book your call now by choosing a date and time below.

Not for Everybody

Please note:

  • Done-For-You Ad Services to Attract High-Quality Clients require a minimum investment of $1,000/month in ads.
  • You have to have a package offer of $1,000 or higher or be willing to create such a package offer. Or, you have some way to charge each client more than $1,000 at a time (though you may deliver the sessions over time). If your new clients end up paying you just $200 to $500 for a few sessions, Facebook advertising would not work.
  • We work with single owner/hypnotist (you may own one or more centers.) We don't work with multi-owner practices.

But, it is for you whether you are starting out or already successful with over $150,000 in annual revenue.

If you have the skill and experience to get your clients results and want to attract more high-quality clients, then we can do it for you.