Attn: Hypnotherapists

We'll Get You Weight Loss Clients and Add at Least $5,000 Per Month.

You Pay Only When You Get Clients.

Get Clients and Then Pay

No monthly fees. No retainers.

Each month, all you have to do is to tell us how many clients you want.

Each month, we invest all the money in advertising and tech work, and take all the risk to get you clients.

It is that simple.

Nobody else has such a simple and risk-free offer for hypnotherapists.

How Most Digital Advertising Agencies Work

They Charge You Whether or Not You Get Clients.

There are tens of thousands of digital agencies and they all look the same because they all take your money without a guarantee of results.

Here is what they say:

You pay us for advertising.
We do the advertising.
Maybe you'll get clients from that advertising. Maybe you don't.

But, We are Totally Different

We Earn Only If We Get Clients for You

We get you additional income, using new and separate web pages, ads, email marketing, etc.

You continue to earn with your existing ways because we do not change your current website, offers, or ads.

Pricing and Guarantee

If we don't get you new income greater than your investment, then we'll pay the difference plus 20%. So, you win no matter what.

Risk-free for you each month:

  • No retainer. No recurring fees.
  • We spend our own money and do everything needed to attract prospects. You talk to them and convert them to clients.
  • We earn a part of the additional revenue we generate for you.
  • No long-term contract. You can cancel any time with a week's notice so we can turn off ads that we run with our money just for you.

This offer is not for everybody.
I can't make such an offer to everybody. But, it is for you if:

  • You have the skills and experience of helping clients lose weight.
  • You are a full-time hypnotherapist, have owned your practice for 2+ years, and earn at least US$40,000/year.
  • And, if you are open-minded and friendly.

A one-time investment gets you started with guarantee.

How It Works and Why

How much can you earn?
How much does a client pay?

The goal is to earn $3,000 and more per client in the first 12 months.

You can expect to cross $100,000/year while working for 40 hours/week. If you are good at converting prospects into clients, you might cross $150,000.

But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. The goal of answering this common question is to show how we help you to earn significantly more.

You earn more simply because you get more clients, each client pays more, and then stays with you for a longer period.

In this system, your weight loss clients go through 3 stages, which increases their lifetime value.

  • Client Stage I
    The client's goal is to lose 10 to 12 lbs in 6 weeks or less.
    We get you more such clients paying upfront for a 6-week package.
  • Client Stage II
    The client's goal is to lose more weight and reach the desired weight in the next 1 to 6 months.
    They move to group sessions with other women like themselves and a hypnotherapist. Plus, they can have a weekly 1:1 session with you as needed. The price for Stage II is lower than the price for Stage I, but still significant.
  • Client Stage III
    The client's goal is to maintain the weight and not regain it over months and years.
    They move to group sessions for the long-term basis, paying for 4 weeks at a time (and encouraged to pre-pay for a year at a huge discount, after which it turns to "autopay for 4 weeks" till cancelled). This is the real secret of a big jump in income because your commitment is to take only 1 group session while other hypnotherapists in our group offer other sessions. Your clients get a huge value because they can join as many sessions per week as they need to for a fixed tiny fee of about $200/mo. Plus, there is upsell for weekly 1:1 session with you as needed.

When we get started, we have 3 Zoom meetings to create:

  • An irresistible offer priced $1,500 or more (including a guarantee that you are comfortable with).
  • A group coaching offer for recurring income of additional $1,500 or more per year.

Who am I, and Why I can Help You?

My picture with Dr Richard Bandler in Amsterdam

  • Trained in Hypnosis and NLP with Dr Richard Bandler.
  • Was a software engineer at Intel Corp in Santa Clara, California.
  • Owned a small business for over two decades and have been using online marketing for a long time. I spent my own money to get 156 million Google ad impressions for my business.

A screenshot of my Google Ads account

  • A best-selling author with best-selling books.

My books published in the USA include a best-seller.

We profitably sold over 500,000 copies of my book.


Please tell me about yourself below.

I will read your details carefully and if it seems like a good match, I'll email you a link to schedule a call. We'll discuss how we work and I'll also answer your questions.

You'll talk directly to me as a fellow hypnotherapist. This is not a sales call. If you and I choose to work together, great. If not, that's ok too.


Our Mission

We get weight loss clients for hypnotists.