New... A Hypnotherapist's Ad Agency

We Get Clients for You with Ads

NEW Area-Exclusive Opportunity
No recurring fee. No retainer.
Just Cover the Ad Spend.
We Earn Only When You Earn More.

A Warning
About Advertising Agencies

They all look the same because they all make the same offer.

You pay us to advertise.
We advertise.
Maybe you get clients from that advertising. Maybe you don't.

But, We are a Different Type of Ad Agency
Your Risk-Free Win-Win Partnership Offer

Here is How it Works

  • Cancel anytime. No long-term contract. No recurring fee. No retainer.
  • We'll generate leads for you, follow up with them, and set up Zoom calls for you.
  • We'll create an additional lead-gen focused website for testing of lead-gen ideas.
  • If needed, we'll also set up your email marketing for
    (1) new leads get messages on auto-pilot till they choose to become your clients and
    (2) follow up with new users to get them to reach the desired "buy-in matrix".

Pricing and Costs

  • A one-time total investment commitment of $5,000 only, to be paid in parts:
    (1) Start with $2,000 to set up your ad account, create irresistible offers with you over Zoom, and build a new website, set up email marketing.
    (2) Set aside $3,000 to be paid directly to Facebook as ad invoices come up for the first 2-3 months.
  • Our agency fee is 15% of net (defined as revenue minus ad spend). This creates a win-win relationship without any conflict of interest. We win only when you win.
  • Reinvest part of your revenue for ad costs.

Become 10-Mile Famous

Being Our Advertising Client is An Area-Exclusive Opportunity to Become "10-Mile Famous" and Get High-Paying Clients

Once you become a client, we'll work exclusively with you in a certain local area.

We want to make you famous (using advertising that attracts clients) in your area for a specific group of people facing a special issue.

Your fame will make it easier to attract more high-paying clients from the area.

In 3 to 6 months, expect the targeted people to begin to recognize you at restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, DMV, pet stores, parks, etc.

Contact Email

Interested? Please email us at


Our Mission

We help hypnotherapists get more clients and earn more without working extra hours.