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Why Most Hypnotherapists Remain Underpaid and How to Change That

An Insight about a Shocking Truth:
Your Real Hourly Rate is Much Lower than What Clients Pay You

Suppose clients pay $200/hour and a hypnotherapist earns $80,000/year. Assuming a full-time work week equals 2,000 hours per year, the real hourly income is $80,000/2,000 = $40/hour. And, after we subtract office rent and other costs, the real hourly rate may be just $35 or $30/hour.

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An Insight about the Biggest Mistake:
Just This One Mistake Keeps Most Hypnotherapists from Earning More than $50,000/Year After Expenses

Here is the mistake: They don't specialize and so they cannot create a powerful irresistible offer.

And because of this mistake, most hypnotists earn so low.

The fact that they provide enormous value to clients or even change lives does not seem to help them earn more.

They can perhaps earn more as Uber or Lyft drivers while working fewer hours.

Unfortunate but true.

If you want to attract more high-paying clients, then I can help you.

Once you fix this mistake, the clients can remember what you do and refer you to friends. Your posts on social media perform better. You can tell Facebook/Insta to show your ads to a specific type of person. All this allows you to attract more high-paying clients.

An Insight about a Shocking Truth:
Advertising is Way More Expensive than You Realize (and How to Handle It)

Did you know that Amazon pays up to 15% commission if you send someone from your website to buy a product on Amazon?

Did you know that Google pays between 40% and 60% of what it charges advertisers to website owners to show ads on their websites?

Some hypnotherapists I talked to, believed that an ad budget of $500/mo should be enough to get them 20 clients/month. And, they can't find any agency good enough to do it.

What is the result?

Most hypnotists cannot afford to advertise to get new clients, and therefore their income remains below $80,000/year or even below $50,000 per year.

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A Common Question:
Is it Possible to Get Clients from Social Media without Spending on Advertising?

Yes, it is possible.

But, it takes a lot of time to do so.

And, most get stuck below $50,000 after expenses.

Using advertising, on the other hand, allows you to get many more clients on demand. It also frees your time from social media to spend with friends and family, and have a life.

It is Not Your Fault

It is not your fault if you are not advertising.

The hypnotherapy training schools contribute greatly to spread that advertising is not necessary (perhaps it helps attract more students). They certify you in helping clients, but fail to give you any street smart facts about marketing and advertising needed to get clients and earn a high income.

What Does It Look Like When Advertising Works Well...

When advertising works well, it is like a slot machine where we put in $1 and it gives us $4.

Suppose I am a hypnotherapist and I earn $50,000 without advertising.

Now, suppose I spend $50,000 on Facebook advertising and get clients worth $200,000, giving me an income of $150,000. Will it be worth advertising?

Yes, but is it not risky for me to give $50,000 to Facebook?

No, because I can start with just $100 for the first week, and if it works, then we invest more each week.

This is how great advertising works, offering big returns without risk.

Make This One Small Change to Immediately Start Earning More
Without Working More Hours,
Without Spending More on Ads,
Without Spending More Hours on Social Media
(Learn It Below in a Few Minutes)

The solution is to offer results (and not just hours) to clients, so they can pay you $1,500 to as much as $2,000 or even $5,000.

Once you are certain what result you can deliver, the next step is to create an Irresistible Offer.

This single change does more for the success of your business than anything else you can do because it allows you to afford advertising to get more clients.

What is an Irresistible Offer:

  • Specialize in one problem for one type of client.
  • Provide a specific result and charge $1,500 or higher for it (and not per-session pricing).
  • Optional: Offer a guarantee.

Once you have such an offer, share it on your phone calls, your emails, your websites, and every other way you contact prospects and past clients.

Simple, But Not Necessarily Easy

Simple. Right?

Will every hypnotherapist who reads this information, implement it this week?

The biggest problem is your own belief. You may be asking yourself, "If it is so easy, why don't others use it?"

My answer is: Because nobody told them about it.

Just do it today and you will thank me and perhaps hire our agency to help you grow really fast, create a bigger impact, and earn a lot more.

Our Mission

We help hypnotherapists get more clients and earn more without working extra hours.

Who Am I and Why Can I Help You?

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