Attn: Hypnotherapists

We'll Get You More Clients and Add at Least $5,000/mo. in 90 Days.

(Like you, I am a certified NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner)

How Most Digital Advertising Agencies Work

They Charge You Whether or Not You Get Clients.

There are tens of thousands of digital agencies and they all look the same because they all take your money without a guarantee of results.

Here is what they say:

You pay us for advertising.
We do the advertising.
Maybe you'll get clients from that advertising. Maybe you don't.

But, We are Totally Different

We Earn Only If We Get Clients for You

We get you additional income, using new and separate web pages, ads, email marketing, etc.

You continue to earn with your existing ways because we do not change your current website, offers, or ads.

Special If You Want Weight Loss Clients
(Get Clients and Then Pay)

No monthly fees. No retainers.

Each month, all you have to do is to tell us how many clients you want.

Each month, we invest all the money in advertising and tech work, and take all the risk to get you clients.

There is a one-time fee to get started. It is that simple.

Nobody else has such a simple and risk-free offer for hypnotherapists.

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Our Service is Different in 2 Ways

Is a College Kid with a Laptop Doing Your Online Advertising and Lead Conversion?

The kids don't have decades of experience. They never spent their own money for advertising to attract clients. They don't fully understand that the single goal of advertising is to get more high-paying clients and increase profits, and NOT to impress others with pretty pictures.

When businesses are new to online advertising/marketing and may end up hiring those college kids, the kids always make money while businesses don't.

We Work Only With Hypnotherapists

We serve only hypnotherapists and because I am also a certified NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner, I understand you well.

Other agencies serve everybody from barbers, ecommerce companies, authors, and yoga studios to all kinds of businesses. They don't have any unique expertise in hypnosis practices.

Our Simple Promise: You Get Results or 100% Money-Back.

We do everything for you with the simple promise of guaranteed results.

We earn only when we help you get more clients and earn more money.

This gives you peace of mind, so you can focus on serving your clients without worrying about getting clients or tech overwhelm.

Generate Immedate Cash Surge

If you have a list of past clients and you don't communicate with them regularly, then we can reactivate your past clients for an immediate cash surge. Get results in 2-3 weeks.

Getting Your Offers Right

We help you to choose niches to focus on specific pains/challenges to get more clients. This is the most under-rated part of marketing and most hypnotherapists don't even understand that when you focus on specific pains/challenges, you can charge higher and attract more clients at the same time. This is like being a heart surgeon vs being a physician. This gives you increased income in just 4 weeks.

The biggest gain can happen when the offer is right, which means you charge high and offer a guarantee. So, when we get started, this is the frist thing we do (via Zoom). This gives you increased income in just 8 weeks.

  • An irresistible offer priced $1,500 or more (including a guarantee that you are comfortable with).
  • A group coaching offer (for some niches only) for recurring income of additional $1,500 or more per year.

Who am I, and Why I can Help You?

My picture with Dr Richard Bandler in Amsterdam

  • Trained in Hypnosis and NLP with Dr Richard Bandler.
  • Was a software engineer at Intel Corp in Santa Clara, California.
  • Owned a small business for over two decades and have been using online marketing for a long time. I spent my own money to get 156 million Google ad impressions for my business.

A screenshot of my Google Ads account

  • A best-selling author with best-selling books.

My books published in the USA include a best-seller.

We profitably sold over 500,000 copies of my book.


Please tell me about yourself below.

I will read your details carefully and if it seems like a good match, I'll email you a link to schedule a call. We'll discuss how we work and I'll also answer your questions.

You'll talk directly to me as a fellow hypnotherapist. This is not a sales call. If you and I choose to work together, great. If not, that's ok too.


Our Mission

We help hypnotherapists get more clients and earn more without working extra hours.